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Farms and other agricultural businesses work on tight budgets to produce essential products that stimulate our economy. Electricity is an essential cost that can make or break these businesses. Therefore, energy-efficient electrical systems and wiring are essential features of agricultural buildings and outdoor spaces.

Examples of agricultural applications that require energy-efficiency include hog farms, horse stables, grain dryers and greenhouses. These buildings and outdoor facilities rely on constant and cost-effective electricity supply in Minnesota. At R&K Electric, we offer solutions that are fit-for-purpose and make the payment process quick and simple.

Energy-Efficient Agricultural Electric

If agricultural applications are using an exorbitant amount of energy, the electric system may need reexamined. Some of the issues that farmers face include higher utility bills and critical electrical failures. These cost and productivity burdens can reduce output and impact revenue.

Local electricians who understand what your agricultural business contributes to the community are on hand to provide solutions. The team at R&K Electric can help you cut costs with electrical design-build services, electric system upgrades, rewiring and retrofitting.

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Continued Electrical Servicing, MN

Even the most efficient electrical setup can fail. This is especially true in industries such as agriculture that consume high levels of electricity. R&K Electric offers servicing and maintenance to ensure that components are fault free and working at full efficiency.

You may need electrical trenching services that are safe, efficient and connect agricultural applications for maximum productivity. As a local electrician company, R&K Electric understands the needs of your business. Our fully qualified and insured electricians will create an agricultural electrical plan and implement any necessary changes to improve efficiency.

Reach out to R&K Electric today to discuss your agricultural electric needs. We guarantee all our work and also provide 24/7 callout services, ensuring that your farm is never left in the dark.

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Energy-Efficient Agricultural Electric


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