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If you are searching for an electrician in Minnesota, turn to R&K Electric for excellent services. Communication and honesty are some of the core values of our business. We serve residential customers in Owatonna and surrounding communities in Minnesota.

The quality of residential electrical systems and wiring can impact energy usage and cost. Homeowners who are concerned about safety, efficiency and reducing monthly bills should contact R&K Electric today. We can fully evaluate your current system and offer upgrades to improve the quality of output.

Home Lighting & Wiring

Lighting is an important component in creating ambience and comfort. Whether you need indoor lighting or outdoor lighting upgrades, R&K Electric will deliver. We will take your design ideas and make them a reality. All our Minnesota electricians are fully qualified and insured.

Wiring that is faulty or incorrectly planned can become dangerous or result in increased energy costs. At R&K Electric, we will provide an honest assessment of your setup and recommend changes. All work is performed to the highest standard and is fully guaranteed.

One of the key strategies to getting the most from your electrical system is regular servicing. Home wiring should remain viable for decades with proper installation and maintenance. However, as new technologies and knowledge emerge, your home wiring system may benefit from reassessment.

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commerical electrical wiring in South Suburbs Minnesota

High-Tech Electrical Troubleshooting

Do you need a reliable electrician who provides 24/7 callouts? R&K Electric is always available in an emergency. The safety and comfort of your family is important to us. New lighting, system upgrades and electrical improvements will also change the way you consume energy at home.

High-tech electrical troubleshooting allows R&K Electric to provide a cost-saving service. We understand the principles of developing wiring plans that meet the unique needs of each residential customer. After assessing the current setup in your home, our professional and courteous electricians will propose changes that will reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Call R&K Electric today to learn more about the electrician services available to our residential customers in MN.

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Energy-Efficient Agricultural Electric


R&K Electric can provide design-build and upgrades for electrical services for office buildings, hospitals, restaurants and more. We will manage your commercial electric project from beginning to end, with exceptional communication to ensure the process goes smoothly.

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indoor lighting or outdoor lighting upgrade near Rochester, MN


Are you searching for an agricultural electrician who can handle any project? R&K Electric can deliver services for hog farms, dairy farms, grain dryers, silo-unloaders and other facilities that require cost-effective electrical supply.

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industrial electrical installations in Rochester, MN


Industrial properties are home to a range of businesses, all of which have unique electrical needs. R&K Electric can assess your outputs and systems before recommending ways to improve energy-efficiency and reduce costs.

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Considering an electrical upgrade to your home, farm or business? R&K provides the most professional and quality services to Southern Minnesota. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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