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If you are building a new commercial facility in MN, electric systems and essential components must be completed to acceptable standards. At R&K Electric, our team consists of professionals who can handle projects of any size and scope in Minnesota.

Office buildings, restaurants, banks hospitals and other properties that serve a specific purpose have unique energy needs. You can rely on R&K Electric to provide quality, reliable design-build services that meet budgeting and timeline requirements.

Commercial Electric Design-Build

New commercial buildings run at a considerable cost during the design-build process. This is especially true when there are delays or defective workmanship. The R&K Electric team works diligently to ensure that all wiring and electrical systems are planned and implemented to the highest standards.

Honesty and integrity are core values that are held by all R&K electricians and our other employees. We have gained and maintained a reputation in Minnesota as a reliable provider of commercial electric services over the past 50 years.

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Commercial Electric Budget & Deadlines

When developing commercial properties, time is money. R&K Electric has an established relationship with builders and other industry contractors. Our team is highly cooperative and focused on ensuring your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

We will work closely with you to create a wiring plan that meets your budgeting and timeline constraints. Commercial electric systems are complex, so you need Minnesota electricians who are fully qualified and insured to take on the challenge.

R&K Electric takes great pride in our employee retention record. With established and highly qualified electricians, supported by apprentices up to level 4, we are confident that our team will deliver on time and within your budget.

Call R&K Electric today to learn more about our commercial offerings in MN. We have the skills and attitude needed to deliver exceptional electrical services.



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We have over 50 years of experience serving residential customers in Owatonna, MN and surrounding communities. If you are searching for a reliable and friendly residential electrician, reach out to R&K Electric for excellent services.

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Are you searching for an agricultural electrician who can handle any project? R&K Electric can deliver services for hog farms, dairy farms, grain dryers, silo-unloaders and other facilities that require cost-effective electrical supply.

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Industrial properties are home to a range of businesses, all of which have unique electrical needs. R&K Electric can assess your outputs and systems before recommending ways to improve energy-efficiency and reduce costs.

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