If you are looking for a reputable electrician near you in Shakopee, MN, R&K Electric delivers excellent services. We believe that cost-effective solutions are achievable with efficient electrical systems and wiring.

Homeowners deserve the opportunity to cut energy costs with affordable solutions. Electrical systems and appliances can stretch your monthly budget. With electrical system upgrades, rewiring, energy-efficient lighting and other solutions, it is possible to dramatically reduce energy costs.

R&K Electric has been serving residential customers in and around Shakopee, MN for over 50 years. We work on the ethos that honesty, integrity and hard work are qualities that make exceptional electricians. All our employees are highly trained professionals, ranging from electrician apprentices to journeymen electricians.

electrical repairs in Shakopee, MN

Commercial, Agricultural & Industrial Electricians

Minnesota is home to a diverse range of industries and associated businesses. The unique energy needs of your premises will dictate efficiency and monthly costs. At R&K Electric, we focus on offering solutions that reduce expenditures and enhance efficiency.

From the electrical systems you use to the wiring throughout your property, there are countless areas where money is being wasted. Faulty electric components can also lead to power cuts and electrical fires, which are costly and unsafe scenarios for businesses. When it is time for an overhaul of your electricity infrastructure in Shakopee, MN, turn to R&K Electric for design-build solutions.

Emergency Electrician Support for Businesses, MN

Businesses thrive on productivity, which means that electrical failures constitute potentially disastrous downtime. If your commercial, agricultural or industrial business needs 24/7 electrician callout services, R&K Electric is always online and ready to provide a rapid response.

Call the offices of R&K Electric today if you need a qualified and insured electrician to come to your home or business. We provide a clear pathway to resolution with clear communication, fast and efficient services and easy payment options in Shakopee, Minnesota

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