In a time of rising costs, homeowners frequently decide to complete projects on their own instead of hiring a professional. In some cases, this is a great idea. Although it may take a little extra time, it saves money, improves the home and instills a sense of pride in ownership. However, some projects are far riskier than others. Electrical work is one area where you should reconsider taking on the project because the risks of an electrical DIY disaster outweigh any benefits.


Risks of Doing Your Own Electrical Work

Electrical work is not something you can simply ‘pick up’ from watching a few online videos. There is a reason electrical apprentices require so many hours of supervised work—it takes a lot of time to build the knowledge to work both efficiently and safely, mitigate risks to property and ensure everything runs smoothly. When you DIY electrical, you risk the following:

Violating building codes

While you may be looking to save a few dollars, those savings can quickly be undone with fines or requiring the work to be redone if it’s performed incorrectly, deemed unsafe or doesn’t match what was on the permit application. Additionally, failing to get a permit is not an option—updated wiring and electrical can come back to haunt you if you are selling your home and the buyers ask to see the permits and proof the wiring passed building code inspections. 


Fire Hazards

Improperly installed wiring and components may appear to function perfectly well, but behind the scenes, they can spark, smolder, become loose or overload the circuit, leading to fires starting inside walls or ceilings. Fire damage can be devastating and result in the loss of both property and life. In addition, your insurance company may deny your claim if DIY electrical is deemed the reason, especially without a permit or inspection.


Electric Shock

In addition to fire, electrical shock is a huge risk when working with electricity. You will lack the tools, techniques and knowledge a professional electrician has. These three things are key to keeping the electrician safe. Remember, it only takes one mistake –sometimes not even a big one—to alter the course of your life. 


Don’t DIY Your Electrical

With experienced electricians available and ready to complete professional-grade, safe, permitted and attractive upgrades and repairs to your wiring and fixtures, it is not worth the risk to your home or personal safety to take electrical projects on yourself. Instead, contact the pros at R&K Electric today and have your electrical work completed safely.