For years, most have agreed that a college education is the way for a decent job and steady employment. But is that still the case, or can a job in the trades provide an excellent career with prime wages and superior benefits? In this blog, we will compare both routes to employment for a closer look. 


Is College the Way to Go? 

A college degree has long been the preferred path to a good job and success in life. For decades, it was believed that if you wanted to get an excellent job, you needed a college degree, if not an advanced degree. A four-year college education provides general education in various areas and additional concentrated education in a chosen major course of study. 

While the college experience is undoubtedly beneficial, it is also very expensive and takes years of work to graduate. In addition, many employers require a college degree for employment. As tuition rates continue to rise, many people are interested in a trade career but wonder if they can earn a good living. 


What About Choosing a Trade Vocation? 

There are advantages to going to vocational or trade school. First, the educational path is two years rather than four or more. Accordingly, the costs of school are lower than a traditional college. In addition, a graduate from a trade school can gain employment in their desired field as many as two years sooner or more. 

Vocational or trade school is a more focused education than college. While there are some general education courses, the student’s time is primarily spent learning their chosen vocation. Trade school is hands-on education, with students performing the tasks of their trade as a part of training. As a result, vocational school graduate is fully equipped to go to work immediately, confident, and capable of performing their specific duties. 

In addition, it is easier to be accepted to a vocational or trade school than a college. Class sizes are smaller, so students can get assistance easier, and you can usually find a job placement service as well. 

R & K Electric offers a four-year program to attain an electrician’s license and work in residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural areas. R&K Electric also has an integrated trade school program built into the work atmosphere saving the students two years of trade school costs and one year of additional work experience requirement, shortening their time to sit for their journeyman’s test by one full year. Why not contact us to learn more?