At R & K Electric, our team of licensed and insured electricians is fully qualified and trained. Different states may have different requirements, so we will dig into the Minnesota licensing requirements, showing you how to research other states. 

  • MN Department of Labor and Industry sets out these requirements for licensure in MN. The basic license in MN requires an electrician to be at least 17 years old. 
  • 144 hours of classroom time for each year of experience is necessary.
  • You need to provide a W-2 proving you are employed by a licensed, registered owner.
  • You must have a license from the MN Department of Labor and Industry or be registered with the department with a registered unlicensed electrician status. 

After that, your education continues with CEUs and on-the-job training. As you work as an unlicensed electrician, all your work must fit under the scope of your employer. It also must be supervised by a journeyman or master electrician employed by the same business. As you work and attend the educational classes needed, you move up the scale of electrical licensing from apprentice to journeyman to master electrician. 


Skills Required to Be an Electrician

In addition to classroom learning, an electrician must have communication, customer service, and critical thinking skills. Electrical service is always done for a customer, whether residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural. Therefore, effectively communicating with customers and co-workers is essential to providing excellent service.

Math skills are also important in electrical work, as they are needed for electrical current values and to take proper measurements. 

Finally, electricians need to be able to work alone and as part of a cooperative team.


How Does R & K Electric Work with Electricians?

At R & K Electric, we hire electricians at every level of licensure. Our professional team works together to help new or less experienced hires learn skills and services throughout their employment. We have a four-year program for new electricians to work their way through the various levels of licensing. Learning and advancement occur while apprentices and journeymen work and earn a good income. As they advance, their duties are expanded, and pay increases accordingly. 

R & K Electric is in Owatonna, MN, and has served Minnesota clients for over 50 years. We provide residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial electrical services throughout Minnesota. Our professional team is licensed and trained to care for all your electrical needs. Contact us today to learn more.