Welcome to the blog at R & K Electric! In this space, we discuss common electrical needs, potential problems and fixes. We’ll keep you informed of anything new here in the shop and will try to help you prepare for seasonal electric needs. We do residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial electric work in Southern Minnesota. Our customers are our number one priority. We want to be your first call when you need repair or installation of all things electrical. 


Are Your Electrical Systems Ready for Winter?

As you start digging out the warm coats and hats, there is one more thing you should do before the weather turns cold. Are you certain your electrical components are ready for extra power usage in the winter? Everything from the furnace to the lights gets used more as we move through the dark days and colder nights. One way to ensure things are ready for increased use is to have an electrical inspection by a professional to double-check if everything is working properly.

Our professionally trained electricians can assess your current electrical system to be sure things are up to snuff and ready for the seasonal change, including putting up holiday decorations. As we carefully evaluate your wiring, receptacles, control panel and more, we will let you know if you need upgrades to power things properly and safely. 

Your wiring should last for decades if everything is properly installed and maintained. However, it’s always a good idea to have an annual inspection by a professional to maintain things properly. 


Make Changes for Safety and Savings

Our troubleshooting during the inspection will also help us recommend changes to your current system that can help you use electricity more efficiently and can help reduce the cost of your bill. R & K Electric serves the Southern Minnesota area with fast, professional electrical servicing for all your electricity needs, including emergency service 24/7. Contact us today and let us become your go-to electrician in Southern Minnesota.